Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sorry I was away for so long duty calls in the form of midterms. I also have been trying to decide how I want to review the Roamers Series by Kristen Middleton. Mostly because I have just finished reading the series and feel a review on the whole series is needed. I will show book one but discuss all four book's in the series so there will be spoiler's.
Synopsis (amazon)
Seventeen year old Nikki and her twin brother, Nathan, move to the small town of Shore Lake to start over after their mother is brutally attacked. When a missing teenager washes up on shore during their first night at the cabin and there are whispers of vampires in Shore Lake, Nikki begins to realize that there are things roaming in the darkness that are far more sinister than what they left behind in the city.

RATE: 2/5
I really wanted to love this series, I really did. Unfortunately I did not in fact at the end of this series I was down right mad. For the record that never happens to me. The first book in the series is Blur and for me I first read it in an anthology recommended by another author. When I first started to read this story I was somewhat intrigued after the brutality committed to Nikki and Nathan's mother by their father of all people. The story continues with the three moving away hoping to start over. Up to this point I'm still into the story. Then once they arrive at Shore lake and the cabin where they will be staying the story starts reading like a script I could literally picture how many steps Nikki walks up to her new bedroom normally this would be great but this was just overkill. Still I continued to read and found this book to be just as much a mystery as a paranormal read. bodies begin to show up; warnings are made and I love a good mystery so now I'm invested. Enter Ethan the supposed bad guy and ex boyfriend of a murder victim. He is obviously our supernatural but he is also a complete jerk and could of very easily been the villain, and goes more to the mystery. Now Nikki and Nathan twins by the way make friends with handsome Duncan the first guy our little Nikki is interested in. So the three friends try to figure out the murder's and why the cabin appears to be being stalked by something supernatural, the three think its a ghost. They will eventually figure out its vampires and Ethan is one of them and for whatever reason there is some force between Ethan and Nikki. Nikki will do just about any thing for Ethan and she knows that's not right. In fact one of the few things I did like about this series is the heroine tries to stay away from the supernatural and warn those she loves. By the end of the book Nikki will all but give in to Ethan as he is run out of town by the good sheriff Caleb who starts dating the mother of Nikki and Nathan and is a vampire along with his psycho daughter Celeste. Now these vamps can effect your memory and make you do things using their vamp voo doo. Enter a shape shifter /stalker Faye. Crazy in love with Ethan who is currently looking for his possibly reincarnated dead wife Miranda. This is where the stories start to get frustrating at first it was kinda exciting trying to decipher the truth which is why I gave at least a 2. The problem is it just kept happening how many times can one person die or you think their dead. The twists just kept coming enter victor/ Galen/Nikki and Nathans dad, oops nope they only thought he was there dad and he is a power, hungry, crazy Lycan not to be confused with a werewolf. The problem with this series is there were to many loose ends, for example at one point in book 3 we have a new character Maximus a detective with his partner Rena. Now Rena is human and surprise Maximus is a lycan which would be good considering he seems to be on Nikki's side but one night as he changes Rena follows and is vamp voo dooed and made to forget and Max is killed. End of their story no follow up just their gone. This baffled me because Rena seemed the stubborn type at least she would look for her assumed dead or missing partner but nope. This series has many of these incomplete story lines. The worse is the ending of this series after enduring all these errors I hung on. Duncan and Nikki become a couple and eventually engaged even though some lies tore Nikki from Ethan yea I felt bad for him but again he was a constant jerk with lies, secrets, and his own obsession with his Miranda. There was never any real chemistry between Nikki and Ethan just this magical pull. With Nikki and Duncan there was a building of chemistry and reason they fell in love and then Duncan's heart is ripped out and he is dead I was genuinely shocked. The ending the quick lets end it. Nikki finds Ethan and tell's him she met the psychic who told Ethan Miranda would be reincarnated and that she as in Nikki really is her and she knows her and Ethan should be together. End with some love words and a kiss. But seriously we only hear about Miranda in the way other girls including Nikki look like her and Ethan's obsession with her until Nikki. Now all of the sudden She is Miranda no premise to how she is her or why or even signs that she is really here just Ethan and Nikki poorly wrapped up. This was a series with some definite potential that just flopped for me and yet I read the whole series before I came to this conclusion I will say again I am not a quitter. I finish what I start even if it lacks all the way to the end.

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