Thursday, November 13, 2014

the premonition series

hello I would very much like to introduce you to the premonitions series if you don't already know about it. first book inescapable is only 2.99 on amazon. well worth the price and then some

                                                                  synopsis (amazon)

My name is Evie Claremont and this was to be the making of me–my freshman year of college. I’d been hoping that once I’d arrived on Crestwood’s campus, the nightmare that I’ve been having would go away. It hasn’t.
I may be an inexperienced seventeen-year-old, but I’m grounded…sane. I look for rational explanations to even the strangest circumstances. Since meeting sophomore Reed Wellington, however, nothing makes any sense. Whenever he’s near, I feel an attraction to him–a magnetic kind of force pulling me towards him. I know what you’re thinking…that sounds fairly awesome. Yeah, it would be…if he liked me, but Reed acts as if I’m the worst thing that has ever happened to Crestwood…or him. But get this, for some reason every time I turn around he’s there, barging into my life.
What is the secret that he’s keeping from me? I’m hoping that it’s anything but what I suspect: that he’s not exactly normal…and neither am I. So, maybe Crestwood won’t be the making of me, but it could be the breaking of me. I’ve been left to wonder if the dark future my dream is foretelling is…inescapable.
I just have to say how much I am in love with this series and author amy bartol she definitely knows how to keep the suspense going. the first book in the beginning can be a bit difficult to get through but it sets the background wonderfully to help develop evie and the other characters. By the middle it picks up so quick and you are completely hooked. the heat or butterflies between reed (swoon) is mystifying and intense. then their is russel another yummy morsel for you. who doesn't love a tall handsome southern gentleman and a quarterback. evie is drawn to both of these sexy men and so starts the love triangle.  evie is changing and she has no idea how or why. Reed may be the answer to what she is becoming but even to him she is very different alluring and confusing. I never saw the villain in this book coming I have to admit I was completely shocked. just goes to amy bartols amazing story telling. this book is followed by 3 others and the 5and final installment is in the works. so I am shouting and screaming you must get this series I promise you will not be disappointed there is love, romance, fighting, running for your life, humor, sadness, and some very hunky book candy.
so hope you enjoy.

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